smell ya later~

going on a mini-vacation with littleddutch to her cabin in wisconsin :) i will notbe posting while i’m on there due to the fact that i’m unsure of wifi connections or what kind of service is up there. either way, i wouldn’t be posting anyway because i’m going to focus on the beautiful scenery, spending time with my main girl, and getting drizzy ;) i may be posting on twitter occasionally for little updates, so if you need to get ahold of me (or just miss me), send me a tweet or dm! as such, lucien will not be available for replies or questions until i return. sorry dane gang babes, we’ll both miss you </3 i’ll be sure to get to every reply as soon as i get back on sunday night

positive vibes <3

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"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

— William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (via thenocturnals)


The bodies of American soldiers lie on a beach in New Guinea, 1942

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successfully mastered the military roll

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Creative Sculptures by Hedi Xandt

Hedi Xandt imagines impressive sculptures. Mixing styles and materials with talent, the artist invites us to discover his dark and intense universe.

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set my alarm for 10:30 and didn’t wake up til 12:30. still gotta pack pack pack pack pack pack paaaaaaack

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Michael Pitt photographed by Matt Holyoak for Velour Magazine

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