Landing/Grounding, 2011

Sarah Awad

plus: once by dealer has upped i can buy an eighth

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unfortunately no but the time is coming

and so we wait

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im p sure they all have gf’s that regularly get hate from the fans via twitter. the fans are the reason they might split & go solo

their fans are out there man (not all of them but you know the ones that like to cause a scene and shit) also i didn’t know they were going solo that’ll be cool i guess good look to them i mean i don’t keep up with what’s going on ya know i just saw a photo on my dash of two of them looking real cute together and i was like “aren’t two of them supposed to be dating or something???” but i mean what do i know you can’t trust the internet anymore

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those dudes from one direction dating yet

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A very round  English Bulldog puppy

fuck the american education system // millennial waste

"we’re pretty good for being fucking drunk as fuck dude!”

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listening to me and sam’s millennial waste drunk demo lp we are so fucking boss i can’t even